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Hier vind je een overzicht van recente blogs die Greetje den Holder heeft geschreven. Ze zijn allemaal in het Engels. Klik op de titel om naar de blog te gaan. Ze staan op de website van Greetje’s goedkoop vertaalbureau BudgetVertalingOnline (voor vertalingen Engels <> Nederlands).

The Ultimate Guide to Evergreen Marketing for Entrepreneurs

Published December 6, 2015

I explain evergreen marketing and list 10 evergreen marketing tips. As evergreen content is the best-known component of evergreen marketing, I am focusing on that for the remainder of this blog. I explain why it matters, list requirements as well as 4 useful tips for creating evergreen content. At the end, I even list 49 blogging ideas for evergreen content.

11 Simple Steps to Master Closed-Loop Marketing

Published November 29, 2015

Closed-loop marketing can help you make your marketing’s efforts pay off. In this blog, I explain what closed-loop marketing is and what the benefits of closed-loop marketing are. In addition, I list the 6 steps to master closed-loop marketing as well as the 5 steps you need to take before you can start perfecting your closed-loop marketing.

15 Fantastic Tips for the Anything-as-a-Service Startup

Published November 22, 2015

In this blog, I first give you an overview of the major as-a-services, describe why as-a-services are great tools for online startups and list the 10 principles of the aaS economy. In the second part, I look at SaaS from the business idea point of view. I list business opportunities, and give tips on SaaS marketing and customer retention.

Cool Content Curation Tips the Successful Entrepreneur Knows

Published november 15, 2015

In this blog, you will find an explanation of what content curation is, the 3 s’s of content curation, why content curation is valuable, the traits of a successful content curator, best practices and great curation tools.

Why Should an Entrepreneur Watch Out for Digital Sharecropping?

Published November 8, 2015

When I first heard the term digital sharecropping, I did not immediately understand its meaning, but the sentiment of the headline had me believe it was something bad. Now I have researched it, and I know it could potentially be something bad, but not necessarily. In this blog, I explain what digital sharecropping is, what its dangerous implications could be and how you can avoid them.

Native-Speaking Translator versus Non-Native Speaker: Who Wins?

Published October 25, 2015

In my translation career, I sometimes encounter the question whether I am a native speaker. In my situation, this question is generally asked by a Dutch person looking for a translation from Dutch into English. This way, they want to determine whether my English is good enough.

The Entrepreneur Does Not Handle Vacation Well

Published October 18, 2015

Apparently, entrepreneurs fear vacations. Entrepreneurs often turn out to have such guilt about going away for a week or two that they do not go at all or bring their work. In this blog, I will point out the vacation stress entrepreneurs have, give reasons why it is good to take a vacation and list tips to relax during a vacation.

Easy Tricks to Write the Perfect Headline

Published October 11, 2015

If you want to take the step to improve your blog headlines as an entrepreneur or small business owner, you can read tons of blogs on this particular topic. In this blog, I aim to create the ultimate list of tips, so that you only have to read this one blog to get the best knowledge out there. Tips cover the path to creating the perfect headline as well as components of that perfect headline.

Powerful Hashtagging

Published October 4, 2015

Adding a hashtag to your message on Twitter is very easy. The trick, however, is to use it as a powerful tool for your brand and online lead generation. What can you do as an entrepreneur to reach a bigger audience, increase engagement and ultimately, improve sales? In this blog, I give you a short history lesson on the hashtag, list 13 tips on creating effective hashtags as well as a few recent, powerful hashtags, and explain how you can best use hashtags for events and campaigns.

Why Atmospheric Marketing Still Is Necessary in 2015

Published September 27, 2015

Marketing considerations and technologies are woven into the very fabric of business, and marketing mindsets permeate company cultures. Yet, in this day and age, no matter how good we are at marketing, it becomes increasingly difficult. No matter how fast we move, we have trouble keeping pace with rising customer expectations. In addition, impatience is the hallmark of our hyper-connected age with its omnipresent connectivity. Customers expect real-time response and situational awareness. One of the answers to that is atmospheric marketing.

Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

Published September 20, 2015

I have been so inspired last Tuesday that I am writing about getting out of your comfort zone and experiencing new things. First, I will tell you my inspiring moment. Then, I will give you reasons why it is good to get out of your comfort zone and list steps how you can too. Ultimately, you can take my personal experience and, as an entrepreneur, turn it into an example of how trying new things can give you energy and allows you to be more productive.

The Ultimate Guide to Brand Consistency across Social Media

Published September 13, 2015

When there were only a few social networks, it was rather easy to maintain a consistent brand identity. Today, businesses are active on many social networks. Each one of them provides entrepreneurs access to a different set of current and potential customers and thus the strategies required to excel on each of these networks are very different. What can you do to maintain a consistent brand identity across several social networks and why should you?

The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to Social Selling

Published September 6, 2015

Social selling, I see the term everywhere. However, I think selling has always been a social event. In this blog, I show a discussion on what social selling actually is, demonstrate that social selling increases sales, present steps to get started with social selling, give 3 steps to leverage the power of social selling, ask whether social selling is creepy, and find the five worst social selling mistakes you can make.

The Intelligent Blog about Buyer Personas

Published August 30, 2015

In this blog, I explain what various external personas exist, why buyer personas are important for your business, and how buyer personas improve marketing. I also list 9 key components of a content-ready buyer persona, 4 reasons why content marketing should care about audience development and 8 reasons why B2B buyer personas fail.

Multi-Channel Marketing: How to Get It Right

Published August 23 2015

There are many marketing concepts out there that all seem the same as omni-channel marketing, such as total experience marketing, multi-channel marketing and cross-channel marketing. In this blog, I first explain the difference between multi-channel marketing, omni-channel marketing and cross-channel marketing. Then, I focus on multi-channel marketing and list tips for a good strategy.

35 Tips for Creating and Hosting the Perfect Webinar

Published August 16, 2015

As an entrepreneur, you know that to get through the noise of social media and to reach your customers and prospects, you need to create high-quality content. The recent shift towards video content rather than the written word has made me consider webinars. I may have attended a webinar here and there, but I do not know anything about creating or holding one. I therefore looked up what tips exist on the internet, and I will share them with you.

Tips for Total Experience Marketing

Published August 9, 2015

If you search the term total experience marketing, there is not much to find. The term has probably not been picked up by the masses (yet), whereas total customer experience has. Greetje adds a little more insight into the five pillars of marketing in the total experience economy. If you are an entrepreneur or small business owner, you can use this as a checklist to see whether you have truly done everything to have your customers engage with your brand.

From Shopper Marketing to Omni-Channel Marketing

Published August 2, 2015

This blog explains how you can take the rather old-fashioned concept of shopper marketing to where it needs to be in 2015: omni-channel marketing.

6 Reasons Why You Should Not Post Inspirational Quotes

Published July 26, 2015

This blog shares reasons why you should not post inspirational quotes, so that you as an entrepreneur, CEO or marketer can decide for yourself whether the quote you want to share is truly worth it.

12 Reasons Your Audience Does Not Share Your Blogs

Published July 19, 2015

Have you ever written a blog post that no one shared? It makes a huge difference in your blog’s traffic and lead generation whether or not your content is shared. Unfortunately, if your content is not remarkable, it is not shareable. Read on to learn why your blog is not remarkable enough to be shared and what you can do about it.

The Five Best Online Translation Communities

Published July 12, 2015

As a freelance translator, you are always looking for more ways to score translation jobs. In addition, as working at home can be quite lonely, finding someone with whom you can chat offers a nice break from work and keeps you sane.  Online translation communities can help you find translation jobs and valuable relationships. This blog lists the five best online communities.

41 Inspiring Translation Quotes

Published July 5, 2015

Translators or entrepreneurs in the translation business are sometimes looking for translation quotes to add to their content. Greetje has published this blog to provide you with some inspiring ones.

Landing Page Optimization for Beginners

Published June 28, 2015

This blog presents the basics of landing page optimization. It first explains what a landing page is, after which it presents Dale Cudmore’s simple guide to landing page optimization and lists essential landing page elements and landing page optimization tips. There is a comprehensive list of articles at the end too.

Things to learn from The Lean Content Marketing Handbook for SMBs

Published June 21, 2015

Greetje has read The Lean Content Marketing Handbook for SMBs. As it is packed with tips, these are the highlights and some of Greetje’s thoughts on it.

Seizing Opportunities as an Entrepreneur

Published June 14, 2015

A thriving business is all about seizing opportunities. However, some business owners do not find it that easy to seize opportunities, much less see them. This blog explains what an opportunity is, describes the opportunistic mindset and the main beliefs and attitudes related to opportunistic thinking, gives tips on how to identify, spot and seize opportunities, tells you what roadblocks to avoid, and finally, gives you three ways to turn your challenges into opportunities.

Everything You Need to Know about Relationship Management

Published June 7, 2015

It is a skill to know how to create and manage good relationships with people. Whether you run a large company with hundreds of employees or you are just starting as an entrepreneur, great relationship management skills will always set you apart from your competitors and help you retain customers.

How to Write Evergreen Content

Published May 31, 2015

This blog explains evergreen content, discusses what question you need to ask yourself if you are the one responsible for publishing content in your company, gives three keys to creating evergreen content, lists resources for both evergreen and non-evergreen content, and gives tips on how to share it.

Content Relationship Building

Published May 24, 2015

Although much has been written about one-on-one online relationship building, little has been written about linking content to (online as well as offline) relationship building, called content relationship building. This blog highlights the importance of this indirect form of relationship building and lists 12 principles that can be used to win friends and influence people.

Interactive Content Is King

Published May 17, 2015

Interactive content gets the audience involved, creating a more personalized and memorable experience. This blog gives examples of interactive content, explains how to use it effectively and shows the performance differences between passive and interactive content.

SEO, SEM and SEA – Explanations for the entrepreneur

Published May 10, 2015

As an entrepreneur, you come across many acronyms of which you should know the meaning. More importantly, you should know what to do with them. This blog talks about the difference between SEO, SEM and SEA.

Tips for good customer service

Published May 3, 2015 In this blog, you will find one big example of bad customer service and tips for good customer service.

Killer Content Tips

Published April 26, 2015

Marketers need to produce a constant flow of killer content, which can be overwhelming. Therefore, in this blog, you will find tips for creating killer content.

What a virtual assistant can do for an entrepreneur

Published April 19, 2015

In this blog, Greetje explains what a virtual assistant is, what the typical tasks are that they can do for an entrepreneur, where to find them and how to prepare for the search for a virtual assistant.

Tips for success for the solopreneur

Published April 12, 2015

Solopreneurs find personal and financial success by creating their own work and making their own rules. Greetje explains the difference between solopreneur, entrepreneur, freelancer and self-employed. Then, she gives you six tricks to get clients to take you seriously, twenty-three tips for succeeding as a solopreneur and six solopreneur branding mistakes to avoid.

Affiliate Marketing Demystified

Published April 5, 2015

If you are an entrepreneur like Greetje, you have probably seen affiliate programs online or had offers to join. In addition, if you are a dummy like Greetje, you probably think affiliate marketing sounds like a good idea, but you do not know for sure. Greetje figures out what affiliate marketing is and how it works, where to get started and what the pitfalls are.

Intelligent Content Demystified for Entrepreneurs and CEOs

Published March 29, 2015

If you are like Greetje and you are just learning about intelligent content, this may seem a difficult topic. Is writing excellent content not good enough? What makes content intelligent? Greetje gives the basics of intelligent content, some practical steps and a few links to useful resources. She will also show examples when intelligent content is helpful.

The Difference between Circular Economy and Blue Economy

Published March 22, 2015

Greetje revisits circular economy and summarizes blue economy, so you have an overview of what both concepts mean. She hopes that it will make you aware of the opportunities and wonder what you can do to make a change for the better.

The psychology of social media interaction

Published March 15, 2015

Since social media is comprised of people engaging in personal conversations and interactions, many psychological principles can be applied to these channels. Greetje  summarizes five ways to use psychology to maximize social media marketing and lists seven other handy tips to increase social media interaction.

Tips and resources for improving your online lead generation

Published March 9, 2015

While marketers struggle with lead generation and measuring ROI on social, there is no question that social media is a critical piece of your marketing mix. In this blog, Greetje lists some tips and resources that can help you improve your lead generation through social media, your website or your blog.

5 tips CEOs, entrepreneurs and startups need for influence marketing

Published March 2, 2015

In this blog, Greetje first explains the basics of influence marketing. Then, she lists 5 tips to succeed with influencer marketing in 2015, 10 ‘super powers’ of the world’s greatest social media marketer and 6 social media skills to influence the influencer.

Growth hacking demystified for entrepreneurs, CEOs and startups

Published February 23, 2015

In this blog, Greetje gives the definitions of growth hacking and growth hacker, and lists the arguments of online marketers who believe that growth hacking is just simply online marketing. After that, entrepreneurs and startups will know what they should focus on in order to be successful, and CEOs will know if they should approve job openings for growth hackers or change them into job openings for online marketers.

The basics of Circular Economy explained for entrepreneurs and CEOs

Published February 16, 2015

Entrepreneurs and CEOs generally tend to know a thing or two about sustainability and corporate social responsibility. Circular Economy, however, is an idea that goes far beyond those concepts. Understanding Circular Economy (CE) and its implications is important in order to stay up to date in this competitive business environment. If doing something good for the environment is not enough, the economic advantages may be.

Content Marketing Metrics and ROI explained for Entrepreneurs and CEOs

Published February 2, 2015

If you are looking for information on content marketing ROI, you will find many different views on this subject matter. Not everybody agrees on the same metrics or even the use of content marketing ROI. In this blog, Greetje summarizes the discussion and shows you what to think about when trying to assess the impact of your content. First, she gives you four types of content metrics that matter according to Jay Baer. Then, she gives you Kieran Flanagan’s reasons why content ROI is a myth. Finally, she gives you one more tip on content marketing ROI.

Customer Experience Explained for Starting Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners

Published January 19, 2015

Are the highest quality product, the best value for the buck, and the best customer service not the keys to success? Not if you follow the latest trend: customer experience. What is customer experience, how can you create a powerful customer experience, how do you measure it and is this easier or more difficult for starting entrepreneurs and small business owners?

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